Bill Miliotis

Bill Miliotis

Deputy Chairperson

Bill is a social worker by training and holds a Master of Health Service Administration. Across a long professional career, Bill has held specialised clinical, management and leadership roles in government and non-government organisations.

Bill has held a variety of executive positions, and has over 25 years’ experience in social, welfare community services and health, in both government and NGO. Now Director at Realise Your Vision (RYV) Consultancy, Bill focusses on growing people, programs and services to achieve better health social and welfare outcomes for the people we are here to serve.

Over the years, Bill has held leadership roles in several organisations and has a strong interest in issues of governance, ‘consumer’ involvement and advocacy.

Bill is committed to access, equity, justice and eliminating the barriers that people experiencing social disadvantaged encounter.

Bill draws on his experience to assist organisations to foster leaders and innovators, generate results that deliver positive outcomes and ensure organisations function cohesively to realise their vision.