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Advocacy Process

We can assist you to address your grievances or resolve your issues by:

  • Developing and planning a way forward that considers your goal outcome and the resolution of your matter.
  • Informing you about different systems and options for pursuing formal complaints.
  • Informing you about your rights.
  • Attending meetings with you.
  • Making enquiries to Government and non-Government agencies with you and on your behalf with your permission.
  • Accessing or creating documents with your permission.
  • Referring and connecting you to helpful agencies and services.
  • Supporting you to navigate external and statutory complaints processes.

We cannot assist you if…

  • Your issue is not disability related.
  • You require a legal service.
  • You need diagnostic advice.
  • You require financial support.
  • You require case management.

While there are some matters that DACSSA cannot assist with, we will always take time to hear about the issues you’re experiencing and connect you with an appropriate referral service who may be better positioned to meet your needs.

Our Advocacy Process
Step 01

Contact DACSSA

Call DACSSA (08) 7122 6030 or email DACSSA

Step 02


We hear about the issues you're experiencing and may add you to our waiting list. The Client Services Coordinator (CSC) will assess your request for assistance.

Step 03

Model of Advocacy

The CSC will assess what model of advocacy will best suit your needs. You can voice your wishes about this too.

Step 04

Advocacy Delivered

After the waiting period has passed, your matter will be allocated to an Advocate or NDIS Appeals Officer. They will contact you and work with you to resolve your matter.

Step 05

Closure of Matter

After the issue is resolved, or if it can't be resolved, the mater will be closed.

Step 06

Feedback Opportunity

We want to know how you found working with our Team. Your honest feedback helps us to know what we are doing well or could do differently.