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NDIS CORE FUNDING NOW FULLY FLEXIBLE FOR PLAN AND AGENCY MANAGED FUNDS **Ceased – please check with NDIA or your LAC regarding details of your plan

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The NDIA announced funding has just been made completely flexible for plan and agency managed participants.

From 9 May, participants who plan or agency manage their core budgets can now spend their core funding flexibly across all four core categories.

Assistance with Daily Life For example, assistance with everyday needs, household cleaning and/or yard maintenance.
Consumables Everyday items you may need. For example, continence products or low-cost assistive technology and equipment to improve your independence and/or mobility.
Assistance with Social & Community Participation For example, a support worker to assist you to participate in social and community activities.
Transport This is support that helps you travel to work or other places that will help you achieve the goals in your plan.
How you can spend your transport funding and how it is paid to you (whether upfront or in regular payments) will be different for each person. Your LAC will explain how you can use this budget.


People who were not funded for transport can now spend their other core supports on transport. But unfortunately, people who receive all their transport funding as a periodic payment will still not be able to spend their other core funding on transport.

Everyone who plan/agency manages their core budget can now claim for low cost Assistive Tech. Where previously people had to have at least $1 in their Consumables budget to claim these line items, the option is now open for everyone with plan/agency managed core funds.

This is just a change to how flexibly people can spend their existing core funding so it does not impact people without a core budget.


Unfortunately this announcement only applies to plan and agency managed funds for now. But the NDIA is planning to roll it out to self managers in June 2020.

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