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Supporting Diversity



DACSSA is inclusive of all people. We represent people with disability, their family and carers and we value diversity.

Our team is growing, and we are proud to say that we are a diverse group! Many of the DACSSA team members have direct, lived experience of disability, allowing insight into the lives of those we represent. We understand and are motivated to be always learning and growing.

We are a team made up of diverse ages, genders, cultural identities, disability identities and interests. Most of all, we are welcoming.

We carry ourselves with pride, a high spirit and a love of the causes we strive and work towards.

The people we assist are as diverse as we are. We support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, ages, disabilities, life stages, gender and sexuality.

Please contact us, no matter who you are, because we are all the same in being different.


You can call us on (08) 7122 6030 or contact us online please fill out our online. All the ways you can reach us are on our Contact Us page.

We can talk to you on behalf of another person, but DACSSA will need to understand that they have given you permission to do this (e.g. Parent, Legal Guardian, or through written authority). To find out more about consent, or to download a consent form, please visit our consent page.

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