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Topics Covered in Royal Commission


The Disability Royal commission wants to hear from people with lived experience of Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation associated with disability. This means that anyone can make a submission. The Commission wants to hear from people with disability themselves, their family, people who care for them, or anyone who is wishing to share their story of experience.

The topics that the Commission wants to look into are:

VIOLENCE – when someone causes you harm and hurts you.

ABUSE – when someone puts you down or takes unwanted advantage of you.

“Violence and abuse cover a range of behaviours towards people with disability. These could include assault, sexual assault, constraints, restrictive practices (physical and chemical), forced treatments, forced interventions, humiliation and harassment, financial and economic abuse and significant violations of privacy and dignity on a systemic or individual basis.”
DRC website.

NEGLECT – when someone stops looking after you.

“Neglect includes physical or emotional neglect, passive neglect or wilful deprivation. Neglect can be a single significant incident or a systemic issue that involves depriving a person with disability of the basic necessities of life such as food, drink, shelter, access, mobility, clothing, education, medical care and treatment.”
DRC website.

EXPLOITATION – when someone uses you without pay in a workplace or you are not valued as a person.

“Exploitation is when a person takes advantage of someone else. This could include improper use of another person or the improper use of or withholding of another person’s assets, labour, employment or resources including taking physical, sexual, financial or economic advantage.”
DRC website.


Call DACSSA advocates with any questions you may have about the Disability Royal Commission, or to discuss your own story and your options for sharing this with the Royal Commission.

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