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DACSSA respects the rights of all our clients to be heard, informed, and involved in decision making.

Our clients have the right and are encouraged by our service to lodge complaints or grievances. We are committed to ensuring all client complaints or grievances receive full consideration without prejudice or predetermination of the outcome.

Clients will be informed of the outcome of their grievance or complaint and will be given opportunity to discuss outcomes if they do not feel it adequately addresses the issues raised.

You will be informed by DACSSA of our complaints and grievance processes at the time of your intake and/or orientation to our service.

If you have a complaint or grievance, we encourage you to raise it with us so we can work together to find a resolution. You are welcome to involve a support person in this process.

How do I make a complaint?

You can write to or call the Client Services Coordinator:

Tel: (08) 7122 6030

Address: 33 Franklin Street, ADELAIDE, SA 5000

The Client Services Coordinator will take down all details and discuss how you would like to proceed, which may include a mediation session.

What happens if my complaint is still not resolved?

The Client Services Coordinator will arrange a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

What happens if I’m still not happy with the outcome or there is a conflict of interest with the CEO?

The Chief Executive Officer will refer the grievance, with a written report of action to the Chairperson of the Board for action. The Chairperson will write to the complainant acknowledging receipt of their complaint and set up a conciliation process (panel) that will meet with all parties separately. All issues will be noted and mediation attempted.

How do I lodge an external complaint?

You also have the right to lodge an external complaint.

If you have an unresolved issue concerning an Advocacy Service, the Complaints Resolution & Referral Service (CRRS) can assist you.

The NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission can take complaints about services or supports that were not provided in a safe and respectful way or services and supports that were not delivered to an appropriate standard.

  • The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
    Free Landline Call: 1800 035 544

Other services can also help you to communicate your complaints

Make a Complaint
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