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Lorenzo – Access

60-80 years of age
Systemic Advocacy
Transport, Parking, Access

Lorenzo has physical disability. Lorenzo said he felt afraid to access his local shopping centre as the parking area was very busy and traffic would speed past him, affecting his balance. On one occasion he was nearly hit by a passing motorbike while walking from his car to the entrance of the shopping centre.

Lorenzo requested advocacy assistance from DACSSA and asked DACSSA what they could do to help.

DACSSA met with Lorenzo and heard about the issues he was experiencing. DACSSA and Lorezo agreed on a way forward and worked together to contact the management of the shopping centre.

DACSSA helped Lorenzo to explain his experience and convey how some improvements to the car park and traffic management could positively impact Lorenzo and many others in their daily lives. The shopping centre management were helped to understand the lived experience of people with disability and educated them about the standards for pedestrian crossings as well as obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act.

The shopping centre worked collaboratively with DACSSA and Lorenzo to build a pedestrian crossing, complete with lights and painted markings to slow traffic down and allow for a safe commute from the car parks to the entrance of the shopping centre.

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