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Aliah – Education

5-15 years of age
Individual Advocacy
Education, School, Support

Aliah has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability. Aliah attends her local primary school and receives some SSO support. Aliah’s parents were concerned that she wasn’t engaging with the curriculum and was unhappy at school, regularly running away or experiencing meltdowns.  
Aliah’s parents felt the school weren’t fully understanding of Aliah’s disability needs and requested to meet with the school to discuss a plan to support Aliah.  
DACSSA supported Aliah’s parents to explore the key issues, and their goal outcomes for the meeting. Their goal outcome was for Aliah to receive more SSO support in the classroom and to have better behaviour management strategies to avoid Aliah running away.  
DACSSA assisted the family to prepare an agenda and supporting documentation before attending the meeting with them. DACSSA attended several meetings with the family and the school and coordinated the involvement of other helpful people such as therapists and government personnel to develop a plan and positive way forward for Aliah’s prosperity and wellness at school. 

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