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I could not have felt more supported. My Advocate had an excellent knowledge base and expertise. They facilitated an amazing outcome for the client. Without her assistance, I am sure he would still be in an abusive household and other service providers would not have taken the matter seriously. Thank you so much!


I felt my Advocate took the time to understand my situation and focus on a beneficial outcome.


I was more than satisfied with my Advocate. They were very professional, soft spoken and did everything to help me. I don't think that I would have been able to manage it alone. Thank you DACSSA.


I called to withdraw my request for advocacy, as things with my daughter's schooling have taken a turn for the better...the initial conversation had with DACSSA was incredibly helpful, and the advice provided helped achieve the outcome without the need for advocacy intervention.


A huge thank you to my Advocate you are the best mate a lovely person, knowledgeable, helpful, worked tirelessly with me. I hope all we have done to gain access to the NDIS is not in vain. It has been a slow process because of waiting for support letters from the required services but we got there in the end. I'm glad it's finally over and has been submitted, but I'm sad that my time with my Advocate has come to an end. I feel a friendship with them as they knew all of my troubles and what I am going through, and have been through with my life. They showed understanding and compassion that is very rare with people these days unfortunately.


I don't know how to express my gratitude to you for helping us with the appeal for my son. Your dedication , meticulousness and attention to detail has made a huge difference in the appeals process. We have received the new plan from the NDIA which is well beyond our expectations. I owe you and your organisation a lot for making this happen and conveying our case to the authorities in its true form.
Thank you once again.


I just wanted to say thank you. I know that people probably just come to you with problems so thank you for the work you do. As you know my experiences withsupport services has not been the best and for you to relieve some of that anxiety has been amazing. Before I got the NDIS, I genuinely didn't see much of a future for myself; I couldn't get a handle on my mental health partly because my physical health just kept getting worse and worse, and because I didn't have support or money to pay for it I couldn't make it better. My mental health is not where I want it to be yet but its so much better and my physical health just keeps getting better and I am doing things again that I never thought possible - I have still got a ways to go to reach my goals but they actually seem possible.
All of this was made possible through your help, your help to get the supports I need has changed my life. Thank you.


I was more then satisfied with my DACSSA Advocate. They were very professional, soft spoken and did everything to help me I don't think that I would have been able to manage it alone.


“I rang last week on behalf of my daughter, with a complaint about the NDIS, as her funding for supports had been exhausted. I was not receiving any contact back at all in regards to our plan review even after numerous calls I had made to get an appointment. My daughter was without her support worker for 3 weeks until I called and spoke to a DACSSA Advocate and asked if DACSSA could help me at all with the situation as it was urgent. The Advocate was wonderful and genuinely cared and listened to all of the issues we had been experiencing. They would see what could be done to help by making some contact and inquiries to the NDIS. Within days we had a phone call from the NDIS stating that they had given my daughter a new plan so she could start receiving her supports from her worker immediately and we also have an appointment in August to come in and discuss additional issues that we need more help and support with added into the plan. I cannot express how grateful we truly are for this help. The pressure and stress has completely gone around this issue and I know that my daughter is so much happier again as she can continue receiving the help and support she needs to achieve her goals and for her mental health and well-being. From the very first time I made contact and spoke to the Advocate, they have continued with constant updates and provided so much support in this matter. I don’t know what we would have done without this help as I know that your service has definitely given us this wonderful outcome. Thanks again for all your help I truly appreciate it”.


“This has been the most awakening experience I've had in a service. If only I have come across this service earlier, my life would be well improved sooner, thank you for your time. Much appreciated”

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